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Elevate your personal Growth. Each month, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey that will elevate your life in exciting new ways. Our challenges are thoughtfully designed to push boundaries, foster resilience, and ignite positive change, all while being easy to implement into your daily life. Whether you’re seeking to incorporate healthier eating habits, establish a consistent exercise routine, or enhance your mental well-being, our challenges provide the perfect opportunity to set and achieve meaningful goals. Join us and become part of our vibrant community as we challenge ourselves to be better, stronger, and more fulfilled individuals, one month at a time.

Say Bye-Bye Sugar for 21 Days!

What’s the Plan?
For the next 21 days, we’re ditching added sugars. That means things like added sugar, syrups, and those sneaky sweeteners are out. But fruits? They’re still our besties!

How It Works:
Every day comes with a small task to help us learn and stay on track. And hey, why not hop into our WhatsApp group. Our in-house nutritionist will be there, sharing tips, giving advice, and answering any questions. It’s also a great spot for us to share, motivate, and have some light-hearted fun.

Kick-off Date:
Our official challenge begins on Monday, June 3, 2024. But hey, if you’re eager, feel free to jump in anytime!

Our 21-Day Sugar-Free Adventure:

day 1-21
Get started and read your Challenge starter pack!
day 1-21
Get to know more about this Challenge’s food information.
day 1-21
Learn more about Natural and Added Sugar here
Educate yourself on how to read nutrition labels and how to spot hidden sugars here.
day 1-21
Bike/Run/Dance or any moving activity you like for 30 minutes!
day 1-21
Curb your sugar cravings by opting to get 1 sugar-free snack at SaladStop! today.
day 1-21
Drink 8 glasses of Water today!
day 1-21
Instead of sugar on your oatmeal, try sprinkling cinnamon instead.
day 1-21
Get creative and design your own SaladStop! salad using no added sugar ingredients.
Go for a walk for 30 minutes today.
day 1-21
Eat slowly, savor each bite, and avoid distractions like screens or multitasking while you eat.
Prepare your own no added sugar lunch!
Eat 3 servings of fruit today
Grab yourself a no sugar-added Dinner at SaladStop!
Create a no-sugar hearty breakfast.
Explore sweet substitutes today in baking
Create your own juice without added sugars.
Consume 3 servings of low glycemic index vegetables.
Make sure to turn your sweet cravings to 30 minutes of physical activity today.
Consume only whole, unprocessed foods today.
Go to SaladStop and get a smoothie!