SaladStop! Singapore: Salad bowls, Wraps & Smoothies

Our family came together with a shared dream – a more conscious way of eating that is truly GOOD. SaladStop! was founded in 2009 with the aim of bringing a new dimension to salads and a new approach to fast food. We currently operate in Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea and Thailand. As we expand our footprint in the region, we remain committed to ending ‘pre-made culture’ and ensuring a more conscious way of eating. For us, every bowl that you enjoy is the result and catalyst of a positive cycle of change.


Eating wide awake is our commitment to finding the best possible ingredients to feed the mind and body by taking into consideration the environment as well as the food chain.

In a world where speed, time and money is paramount, we sometimes get carried away and forget to appreciate the things that fuel us and keep us going – our own food. We want people to Stop! and think about their food and understand where it came from.

We seek out like-minded partners who share our commitment to sustainable sourcing, whilst still delivering the freshest ingredients possible. We keep sustainability at the forefront of operations, by reducing the amount of plastic and packaging that is used to store, package, deliver and serve our food. As a certified B Corp, SaladStop! proudly joins a global community of businesses committed to high standards of social and environmental performance. We’ve introduced a range of rewards and options for customers at SaladStop! to encourage them to make eco-friendly decisions. This includes our B-Y-O only day, held on the last Friday of each month at our net zero outlets. On these occasions, we kindly request that all customers bring their own containers for takeaway orders, as we won’t be using disposable containers as part of our commitment to sustainability.


To empower customers with the resources and information to eat better. Customers have full access to the nutritional facts and serving portions of all menu items, as well as carbon footprint information on the SaladStop! website. Allowing them to take control of the nutritional value and environmental impact of their meals.

The Eat Wide Awake movement is all about revolutionising attitudes towards food, and moving towards greater transparency in the food industry.