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Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark Campaign

DBS Bank

Introducing SaladStop’s “Make Your Mark” campaign, a collaboration with DBS for reforestation. In partnership with EcoMatcher, we offer unprecedented traceability, allowing you to monitor your tree-planting progress seamlessly through our order system and WebApp. Each tree planted can be individually traced, with details like certification, location, and growth photos accessible. Personalize your experience by naming your tree and engaging in friendly chats with it. 

In the inaugural phase, DBS will plant 10,000 trees over a year, showcasing our commitment to sustainability and leading by example. Join us in reshaping the connection between food consumption and carbon neutrality. SaladStop x DBS’ “Make Your Mark” isn’t just a commitment—it’s a visionary stride towards a sustainable future.

Here’s how you can participate in this campaign and Make A Mark

Become a DBS cardholder and a SaladStop! member to enjoy great rewards from our programme. Fulfill any of the points below to enjoy discounts or plant your very own tree! Customers who have planted their own trees will then receive personalised tree updates via a unique Ecomatcher URL. 

Enjoy these perks:

  • DBS Cardholders enjoy 5% OFF (min. spend $20) for in-store & online orders.​
  • DBS Cardholders enjoy 15% OFF (Plant-based) for online orders.​
  • All customers can earn a tree planted in their name every 5 salad purchases. ​

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